I hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day weekend! The weather here was on and off but we were still able to get out and do some exploring as well as see some family so I would call it a great weekend. One of my goals (well actually 2) with this site is to a) take more photos and b) put those photos somewhere people can see. With three cameras in the house, you’d think that would happen more often but sadly it doesn’t.

This past Canada Day long weekend presented a great opportunity to get back out there and dust off my camera. We headed up to Owen Sound to stay with family and then took a day trip up to Tobermory to explore the town and Bruce Peninsula National Park. I had seen beautiful photos from my brother’s visit up there but I had to go see for myself!

First Stop: Meaford, ON

We arrived in Meaford just as the Canada Day parade was going through and thankfully we got there when we did because it was a very short parade! The parade featured tanks and troops from the local Canadian Forces Training Centre as well as a sea of red and white, patriotic Canadians from the surrounding area.

After watching the parade, we explored the Canadian Forces exhibit and then wandered down to the bay shore to visit the local museum. Part of our reason for stopping in Meaford was the national mystery of the Sir John A. Macdonald stained-glass window. The window (pictured above) captured national attention in the news when the Canadian Museum of History asserted that they should have the window in their exhibits in Ottawa. However, as a piece of local history, Meaford Museum is campaigning to keep the window as part of their collections. The mystery continues as the museum in Meaford is unsure of the origins of the window, so naturally as a historian, I had to go see it for myself, especially because it was Canada Day!  If you would like to read more about the mystery, click here.

Next Up: Fireworks in Owen Sound, ON

After an afternoon on the farm with M’s family, we ventured into town to watch the fireworks from Kelso Beach Park in Owen Sound. Fireworks are one of my favourite things and so, even though we were struggling to stay awake, we joined the crowds! We got to the park early enough to watch the sunset and it was gorgeous! It was a great reminder of the natural beauty in our country.


Once we found a spot and settled in (much to the delight of all the mosquitos!) we waited for the show to begin. I have always loved photographing fireworks – there is always so much vibrance and colour and you are never quite sure how it will turn out. Thankfully I have a setting on my camera (Canon) that helps with long exposure shots of fireworks. The results are always stunning contrasts of a dark sky and bright colours!

Day 2: Tobermory

On Sunday, we ventured north to Tobermory and Bruce Peninsula National Park to go for a hike and explore the area. We left Owen Sound basking in sunshine but arrived in Tobermory and were greeted by thunderstorms and heavy rain. However, it worked in our favour because it was incredibly busy and the rain scared a few people away! We first stopped at the Grotto, the main hiking area and scenic point of Bruce Peninsula, but were turned away because it was full for the day. That’ll have to be our next day trip! We continued north to Fathom Five National Park (within Bruce Peninsula) and were lucky enough to find a parking spot just as the rain was coming to an end. From there, we took to the trails for a 5.5 km hike out to a few lookout points and through some beautiful forest. With the rain, it felt just like being home in BC! When we got to the lookout points, I could not believe how clear the water was – it looked tropical!

After our hike, we drove into town and scoped out the Tobermory Brewing Company for lunch. Boy, was it good! We had the burgers, prime rib and lamb, and I enjoyed their Blonde Ale. I highly recommend it – it was one of the best beers I’ve had. Check out their site here. From there, we explored the broad walk around the marina and then decided it was time to head to the beach for a swim!

Since the beaches around Tobermory were so busy, we drove down to Lion’s Head and found a beach close to their downtown (and close to an ice cream store!). It was my first time swimming in the Georgian Bay and it was sooooooooo cold! But I guess that makes sense seeing as it was frozen only a few months ago… We finished off our day trip with some ice cream and then drove back to Owen Sound. Well, M drove and I napped!

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