Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. Yesterday, we ventured out to Cambridge to Shade’s Mills Conservation Area and then headed into downtown Galt where we happened on a bike race! I had never actually watched a bike race in person before so it was very exciting!

We started our day at Shade’s Mills Conservation Area in Cambridge. They have about 6km of trails which is pretty good for a park right in the middle of the suburbs! We were planning on doing all of the trails but we were swarmed by mosquitos and decided that days of itching were not worth another couple kilometres. So we turned around and headed for the beach! We had packed a picnic lunch which we enjoyed with a beautiful view of the beach and reservoir. After a few swims and some quality time in the sun with a book, we drove into Galt to check out the town. It just so happened that the 2017 Fieldstone Criterium Bike Race was happening! We walked around the town – there are some gorgeous historical buildings to see – and then settled in to watch a very exciting bike race. Overall, the day was fantastic. I highly recommend Shade’s Mills for a day trip (just wear long sleeves) and Galt/Cambridge was a wonderful little town to wander around! Here are some shots from the day.


Image 8Image 7Image 9Image 10Image 11

Image 14Image 15Image 17

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